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Auxiliary Heater 12V 8KW 4 Hole Antifreeze Heater in Electric Heaters Air Diesel Fuel Heater

Auxiliary Heater 12V 8KW 4 Hole Antifreeze Heater in Electric Heaters Air Diesel Fuel Heater

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Additional heater 12V 8KW

The 12V 8KW auxiliary heater is the ideal solution to warm up your vehicle quickly and efficiently on cold winter days. With an output of 8 kilowatts, this heater ensures that you feel completely comfortable even at low temperatures. The 12 volt voltage enables easy connection to the vehicle battery.

4-hole antifreeze heater in electric heaters

Thanks to the 4-hole antifreeze heater, the additional heater can also be used as an electric antifreeze heater in other heating systems. Whether in your home or office, this versatile heater ensures a pleasant warmth everywhere. You can simply connect the additional heating as required and thus enjoy optimal comfort.

Air diesel fuel heater

The auxiliary heater is an air-diesel fuel heater that can run on both diesel fuel and other liquid fuels. This gives you the flexibility to choose the fuel that best suits your needs. Combustion of the fuel creates warm air that heats the desired area quickly and efficiently.

With rotary switch for easy operation

Thanks to the practical rotary switch, operating the auxiliary heater is particularly easy and convenient. You can set the heating output according to your preferences and thus achieve the desired room temperature. The rotary switch gives you intuitive control of the heater, so you don't have to follow complicated instructions or settings.

With extensive scope of delivery

All the components required to ensure a smooth installation are included with the auxiliary heater. In addition to the heater, you will receive all accessories such as cables, hoses and fastening material. This means you have everything you need to quickly and easily start up the auxiliary heater. Discover the wide range of possible uses now and benefit from the efficient heat output of the 12V 8KW auxiliary heater.

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