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Auxiliary heating room air harmless 12V with LCD thermostat remote control for interiors

Auxiliary heating room air harmless 12V with LCD thermostat remote control for interiors

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Product description Auxiliary heating room air 12V with LCD thermostat remote control
Efficient heating solution

The ambient air heater is the ideal solution for heating interiors efficiently and comfortably. With a voltage of 12V, it offers a safe and user-friendly way to regulate the room temperature and ensure pleasant warmth.

Harmless to the room air

Thanks to its advanced technology, the ambient air heater is harmless to air quality. It uses no harmful combustion emissions, thus ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Enjoy cozy warmth without having to worry about harmful effects on your indoor air.

LCD thermostat for precise control

The parking heater has a handy LCD thermostat that gives you precise control over the temperature. With just a few button presses you can make the desired settings and adjust the heating output. The user-friendly display provides clear information and ensures convenient operation.

Remote control for convenient control

With the supplied remote control, you can easily control the parking heater from anywhere in the room. No need to get up or be near the heater. Leave control to the remote control and enjoy the cozy ambience without having to leave your cozy place.

scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the auxiliary heating room air with 12V voltage, an LCD thermostat and a practical remote control. You get everything you need to heat your rooms comfortably and efficiently. Say goodbye to cold winter nights - now it is possible to achieve a comfortable room temperature in just a few simple steps.

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