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Solar lights waterproof 2.5W lamp with motion sensor

Solar lights waterproof 2.5W lamp with motion sensor

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Solar lights waterproof

The waterproof solar lights are the perfect solution for all outdoor lighting needs. With their sturdy construction and IP65 rating, they are fully protected from water and other elements. No matter whether it's rain, snow or moisture - these lights can be used reliably all year round. Enjoy efficient outdoor lighting without worrying about weather conditions.

2.5W lamp

These solar lights are equipped with a high quality 2.5W lamp that provides bright and clear lighting. Thanks to their carefully selected wattage, they offer a balanced brightness that is both functional and energy efficient. The light emits a bright light and allows you to continue outdoor activities such as grilling, playing or relaxing into the evening. Get impressive lighting for your outdoor space with this powerful lamp.

With motion sensor

These solar lights are equipped with a practical motion sensor for additional security and convenience. As soon as motion is detected, the lamp automatically turns on and illuminates the area. This is ideal for scaring off unwanted guests or illuminating your entryway and garden when you come home. The motion sensor increases the efficiency of the lights and at the same time extends the life of the battery. Enjoy a smart lighting solution with these motion sensor solar lights.

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