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Climate - The compact, powerful 5V air conditioner for households

Climate - The compact, powerful 5V air conditioner for households

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Air conditioning fan 5V

The Air Conditioning Fan 5V is a small but powerful air conditioner for household use. With a voltage of 5V, this air cooler offers a convenient and efficient way to regulate the room temperature. Discover an innovative solution for the hot summer months.

Small household air cooler

With the Small Household Air Cooler, you can enjoy pleasant coolness even in small households. This compact air cooler fits easily into any room and ensures that you can stay comfortable even on the hottest days of summer. Experience a pleasant indoor climate thanks to this practical air conditioning solution.

Cooling Artifact Summer Mobile

The Cooling Artifact Summer Mobile gives you flexible cooling no matter where you are. Ideal for use in dormitories or on the go, this mobile air cooler offers a refreshing breeze on warm days. Enjoy personalized cooling and make the summer comfortable according to your desires.

Dormitory Humidification Mini Air Conditioner

The Dormitory Humidification Mini Air Conditioner is the ideal companion for dormitories or small spaces where extra cooling and humidification is needed. This compact humidifier and air conditioner ensures an optimal indoor climate and improves your comfort during the hot summer months. Discover the advantages of a miniaturized air conditioning solution.

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